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How does solar work?

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Why Dream Home Solar?

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Dream Home is California’s leading Solar Power Systems and Green Home Solar Power Products Improvement provider, serving thousands of homeowners since 1999.

What does solar cost?

Though it may come as a surprise, solar power systems are now cheaper than nonrenewable energy in a lot of markets, no matter how you decide to install your solar system. To make setting up your solar power system easy and affordable, we have many different options for financing available.

What will solar panels look like installed on my roof?

Our modern solar panels are designed to quietly and elegantly become part of your roof, never looking tacky, outdated, or like a relic from a science-fiction film.

How does solar work?

Panels capture the sun’s rays and wires carry it to an inverter that turns them into electricity. When you produce more power than you use, that energy returns to the electricity grid.

What are the environmental impacts and benefits?

An average Dream Home Solar system offsets up to 178 tons of CO2 over the next 30 years. That saves as much fossil fuel as:

  • Not driving 390,300 miles
  • Planting 10 football fields’ worth of trees
  • Not burning 174,907 pounds of coal
What if I sell my home? Do I continue to owe payments on my solar system?

The option to transfer the payments to a new home owner exist through specific Programs.

Reign in Your Electricity Bills

Energy markets aren’t predictable, and utility costs rarely get cheaper.
Through new developments in solar technology and new financial incentives,
it’s never been easier to install solar power systems to power your home.


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Fast Installations

We can turn almost any home into a clean
energy producer in just one day.

SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international testing standards for proven quality

Fast Installations

We can turn almost any home into a clean
energy producer in just one day.


We do more than install high quality solar.

We create American jobs, support American suppliers and advance American innovation.