How it works

What makes solar power work?
What turns sunlight into electricity?

Many people want to know how sunlight can be turned into power for your Home Solar Power System. Fortunately, the processes that create clean, affordable power for the future are simple.

The Tools

Solar Power Panels

These solar power panels contain photovoltaic (PV) cells. They capture the sun’s energy and transform it into direct current (DC) power.


Solar inverters transform that DC power into alternative current (AC) power, which can then be used to power your electrical system.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel contains circuit breakers, which route power to specific places within your home.

Utility Meter

The utility meter measures your power usage.

Utility Grid

The utility grid distributes power, making it accessible to your home, and taking excess power that you produce but don’t use.

Solar App Monitoring

Solar apps allow you to check in on your systems’ functions and energy production.


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